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Papa Dook's  haikus ©2018

haiku #1 
tis a beautiful 
thing to make black women cum hard
namaste and bless.

haiku #2
the realest shit bruh
is shit you might not never
know nothing ABOUT

haiku #3
dear fine black women
i adore and love all things
about yall fine ass 

haiku #3.5

dear fine white people
do something good for black folk
or else, were tired 

haiku #4 
i wanna be fit
but fuck that working out shit
that is all, fuck it

haiku #5
i love poetry
i write stupid shit sometimes
thats that. toodles mama.






E Motions ©2018

This is for anyone who has experienced heartbreak...
Its safe to say everyone has felt the love and felt the take away... 
Its abusive... 
So my feelings dont have a regulate
when you finally get your shit together for the one holding... 
but you come around to talking, pleading, one more chancing...

No matter how much you beg you late... Too late

And bare with me through the emotions... im internally eternally feeling every everything, everyday with everlasting movement ... 

Thats why its e motion... 

Dont ever let anyone let you think me shedding tears equals weakness...


-The PapaDook ©

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